Crosspoint String Band
It's about more than music. It's about Who put a song in our heart.

We Have Banded Together To Point People To The   Cross!



Our schedule is subject to last-minute change. Please call us to confirm our appearance before travelling a long distance. (931) 205-7105

                                                                              June 2014

6-1 to 6-4         Victory Baptist Church   Tullahoma, TN     7pm

6-13                 Truth Baptist Church     Tifton, OH             7pm

6-15                 Friendship Baptist Church       Friendship, NY      10 am and 11 am

6-15                 Temple Baptist Church       Norwich, NY        6pm

6-16 to 6-20     Cornerstone Bible Baptist Church           Sanborn, NY  7pm nightly

6-21                 Central Baptist Church           Lewis Run, PA      10am to noon

6-22                 Southside Baptist Church      Erie, PA     10am and 11am

6-22                 Countryside Baptist Church      Punxytawney, PA         6pm

6-29                 Twin Cities Baptist Church       Whipple, OH    10am and 11am


                            Located at the Blue Ribbon Circle Club in Shelbyville , TN, 6pm


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